Gender Pay Gap Report

In 2017, the UK Government introduced a mandatory requirement for all organisations in the UK with 250 or more employees to report annually on their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is a high-level snap-shot of pay within an organisation and is calculated as the difference between the average salary of all the men and the average salary of all the women in a workforce. The Government Regulations require the pay gap information to be reported in a particular way:


  1. Mean gender pay gap – Ordinary pay
  2. Median gender pay gap – Ordinary pay
  3. Mean gender pay gap – Bonus pay
  4. Median gender pay gap – Bonus pay
  5. The proportion of male and female employees paid a bonus
  6. Proportion of male and female employees in the lower, second, third and higher pay quartiles


For the year to April 2018, MAP Group are required to report this data, and publish the findings by 4th April 2019. Below are our findings:


MAP Group uk Ltd are an equal opportunities employer and offer an internal tiered salary structure, irrespective of gender. Our operational personnel are almost exclusively male, although we do have female representation on the board of directors and also in management positions. At the snapshot date for this report of 5th April 2018, 30 of our total 377 employes were female, equating to 8%. This is up from 7% as at the snapshot date for the previous report, 5th April 2017.


Data as at 5th April 2018:


Mean gender pay gap 20.9%  Male>Female

Median gender pay gap 39.3% Male>Female

Mean bonus pay gap 17.5% Male>Female

Median bonus pay gap 36.4% Male>Female

Proportion of employee receiving bonus 59.9% male 50% female


Quartile breakdown:

Male (%)                      Female (%)

Lower quartile            75.3                             24.7

Lower Middle             100                              0

Upper Middle             96.4                             3.6

Upper quartile            96.4                             3.6


As at the snapshot date of 5th April 2018, all of the positions within MAP Group which attracted regular operations/productivity related bonuses & incentives were occupied my Males. This is the main factor in the figures reported this year.


MAP Group are committed to equal opportunities, and are constantly looking at new ways to incentivise staff. We as an organisation are committed to monitoring & improving our results, and ensuring that employees are given the opportunity to progress their careers regardless of gender


I confirm that this statement is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief



M Carlin