BT Security Validation Policy


All members of staff or suppliers working on behalf of  BT undergo pre-employment checks of which CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) is included for those undertaking Sensitive Activities.

On successful completion of these checks individuals will receive induction training, on completion of which they are issued an appropriate Identity Card.

This card displays a photograph of the individual and their ID number which they are required to display at all times.

On attendance at sites the individual must present their Identity Card. The site staff can validate the authenticity of an engineer by contacting MAP Group (uk) head office directly by using the “Find Us” page on this website.

Card holders sign for their card upon issue and must ensure that it is stored securely.

If at any stage the site staff feels that the individual is not as presented they should refuse them access to the site and contact MAP Group (uk) immediately to escalate the issue.


Contact MAP Group (uk)