Environmental Policy

Statement of Intent.

MAP Group (uk) Limited embraces environmental management as an important priority and strives to prevent pollution, make use of sustainable resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices across its network of operations.  We seek to continually improve our environmental performance by setting and monitoring objectives and improvement targets.  We will pursue these objectives both in the selection and discharge of commissions and in the organisation and administration of the company.

We conduct internal environmental reviews to measure our environmental performance, show commitment to continually improving our environmental management system, and to ensure compliance with statutory/ legal and other requirements applicable to our activities and which relate to our environmental aspects.

We understand that the success of our environmental policy and performance is influenced by the commitment of our people.  The CEO of MAP Group (uk) Limited and the Board of Directors have ultimate responsibility for promoting environmental awareness amongst our people, consultants and clients and actively encouraging them to adopt environmental best practice. We also use our buying power to encourage our suppliers to adopt environmental best practice.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually at our management review meetings or as may be required in consideration of any changes in the nature, scale and impact of our activities and in response to changing applicable legislation.


We will:

  • Ensure that all management decisions reflect our environmental intentions.
  • Ensure that our environmental management systems reflect best industry practices and are properly resourced and we will continue to monitor the system to ensure improvement.
  • Provide induction and training to all employees to ensure they understand their role within the Company regarding all environmental issues and responsibilities.
  • Ensure all sub contractors understand our policy and that their policies regarding the environment meet our expectations throughout the contract.
  • Work with our partners to achieve best practices and continue to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Comply with Company policy with regard to all environmental issues and drive the management by setting expectations, objectives, reviewing, monitoring and auditing performances.
  • Ensure all waste is disposed of by certified waste removal Companies.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of the importance of the recycling of all materials.



Approved by:  Matty Carlin

Director of Strategy & Development

Date: 01/06/2015