Information and Security

It is the policy of MAP Group (uk) to ensure:

Information is protected against unauthorised access and disclosure
Confidentiality of information is maintained
Integrity of information by protecting it from unauthorised modification
Regulatory and legislative requirements are met
Business continuity plans are maintained and tested (as far as is practicable)
All suspected breaches of information security are reported and investigated
Adequate prevention and detection of viruses and other malicious software
That appropriate training will be provided for all employees

MAP Group (uk) is committed:

To ensuring clients of full confidentiality
To identifying through appropriate risk assessment, the value of information assets and to understand their vulnerabilities and the threats that may expose them to risk and to managing such risks appropriately
To complying with contractual requirements, procedures and practices and ISO 27001:2005
To complying with applicable legislation, as referenced in our Legal Register

Our ISMS is managed by a schedule of audits conducted by competent auditors.

MAP Group (uk) has set measurable objectives for the maintenance and improvement of our Information Security Management System and we monitor and review our achievement against these objectives at our management reviews.