Communication Services

MAP Group (UK) carries out planning installation & commissioning, provisioning and service assurance on behalf of major organisations in the UK.

One of our largest customers is Virgin Media; MAP Group (UK) has been a partner to the UK Cable Industry since 1995, providing residential and business Broadband Services throughout the UK.

MAP currently visits between 3000 and 4000 premises per day, six days a week and we are measured against a number of SLA’s and KPI’s.

By ensuring that we have access to the best technology available we can deliver the most demanding and comprehensive projects. MAP Group (UK) commit to a culture of training and education, and we continually work to achieve the highest accreditation levels from all our personnel.

As a part of Map Group (UK), the communication services support divisions has substantial physical and technical resources available, allowing us to develop our service portfolio, providing specific solutions to our valued customers.