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Map Satellite Broadband – Fast Internet Wherever You Are

A reliable broadband connection is an essential part of life today. If you live in an area where broadband via telephone line or cable isn’t an option or perhaps you aren’t happy with the speeds you’re currently getting, satellite broadband might be what you’re looking for.

Whatever you do online, Map Satellite Broadband is an always on solution, wherever you live, however you live. Gone are the days of ‘speeds’ of less than 2Mb – we can offer you speeds of up to 18Mb! Surf the net, download the latest movies, keep in touch with friends – all of it is made easier with our professionally installed satellite broadband products.

Rather than travelling down cables, satellite broadband allows you to get online without a fixed line internet connection. The data is sent via satellite and is delivered to a dish installed at your property. Unlike a satellite TV dish, broadband internet uses a bi-directional signal. Simply put, the data moves in both directions – from and to the satellite.

Map Satellite Broadband gives you the benefit of:

•    A choice of packages from just £23.95 per month
•    A reliable always on high speed broadband connection
•    100% UK coverage
•    No need for a telephone line
•    A try before you buy option with our free demonstration
•    Optional upgrades to further enhance your broadband experience
Wherever you live in the UK, satellite broadband is an option for you. To book your completely free, no-obligation demonstration, call us today on 0800 408 2015.