Digital Telecoms Network Academy

Tender Notification 11/02/20


Digital Telecoms Network Academy (DTNA) provides a comprehensive learning experience for the Telecommunications Industry, with blended practical training to enhance or embrace new skills for the ongoing Digital Development for the Smart City infrastructure.

We are working as part of the Digital Policy Alliance (DPA), with the Digital Skills Group, servicing the industry to meet the employment gaps and skills shortages nationwide.

To aid our strategic growth plans we are looking to work with a dedicated consultant to assist with the creation of a new online platform which will digitize elements of our existing education model and generate a distance learning facility for new and existing clients located across the globe.  In addition, we also require support to develop our sales and marketing strategy which will enable us to launch our new platform to existing and new markets.

Full details of DTNA requirements are provided in tender documentation which will be issued to interested parties wishing to tender.

Should you wish to express an interest in tendering and receive a copy of the tender documentation then please email roy@dtnacademy.com


Estimated timescales: give dates and times

Contract Start Date:        02/03/20

Expression of Interest Deadline:               24/02/20

Tender Submission Deadline: 28/02/20