Network Services

MAP Network Solutions

MAP Group (UK) has a large number of directly employed engineers. Our client portfolio includes Virgin media, Her Majesty’s Prison Services and a number of Ministry of Defence sites The majority of these require key personnel to carry Security Clearance. This enables MAP to carry out installation and maintenance work for all Government projects.

Map Network Solutions provides a wide range of network and communication solutions for Core, Metro and Edge infrastructures, designed to meet the needs of today’s Fixed and Wireless Network Operators and Internet Service Providers.

We are technology agnostic and work with equipment from all leading suppliers. The expertise of our technology service personnel is constantly being extended, to provide a high quality service to our customers and their networks.

We provide a wide range of services including network design, installation & commissioning, maintenance, decommissioning of optical networks utilising WDM technologies.

We also provide the physical installation and testing of fibre in the Core and Access networks, along with category 5, 5e and 6 structured cabling systems and wireless access points within buildings.

Professional Services

Incorporating all the industry standards and relevant registration and certification our professional services packages include:

Site survey
Installation and Commissioning
Circuit Provisioning
Equipment Staging

Testing of Networks

We pride ourselves on providing the very best in testing of fibre and data networks, combined with added professionalism of our very experienced consultants and highly trained staff. We offer end to end solutions utilising all the latest, high quality test equipment to complete all network testing scenarios, including


We provide you with all test results and full report, with solutions to match your requirements; we will consult with you througout the life cycle of the project.

Fibre Optics

Delivering fibre optics solutions, and integrating installation and testing of fibre links, makes us a front runner in the industry.

With fibre to the home getting ever closer, and with next generation test equipment we can deliver the very best for our customers
Planning of Networks

The role of the Planning team is to design, cost and where necessary, source the fibre infrastructure required to meet our customer’s requirements

We offer termination and testing in all aspects of fibre optics networks including the use of the latest specification test equipment for the complex areas of data delivery.

Our teams and individuals are all highly skilled and qualified to obtain the best results for our customers.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling addresses the often overlooked but truly fundamental cabling infrastructure of your network installation. Different applications within your business each demand the right certifications and performance ratings. For example, your server cluster or datacentre needs very high bandwidth links, while many team collaboration solutions are intolerant of low specification cabling. A robust, yet affordable solution optimised for all these requirements, demands a professional assessment and skilled implementation of Structured Cabling.

MAP Group (UK) can design and install the whole solution including logistics and project management. We offer skilled resources with industry recognised qualifications and accreditations. We act as a single supplier for Structured Cabling, LAN and WAN solutions in order to reduce your supplier management costs and to remove the risks associated with new implementations or major refreshes.

Cabling is a small percentage of the overall IT budget, but plays a critical part in the performance of the system. High quality structured cabling is critical to business productivity and efficiency, underpinning the performance of the Local Area Network and all the applications that depend on that in turn, as well as providing a single environment for voice, data and video systems.

With the arrival of new technologies, such as IP Convergence, streaming video and other multimedia applications, the need for a single high quality cabling solution, capable of supporting current and future applications has become more and more important.

Certified – for Cat 5e and Cat 6 installations. MAP Group (UK) can also undertake single mode and multimode fibre solutions. .